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Research Activity Examples


Archameometry of Potteries from Panatanal_2010 – Study of ancient brazilian potteries by mechanical tests, electron microscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance and Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Specroscopy.

Composites Polymer-Ceramics

Cellullose_Zirconia_Membrane_Nanofiltration– Application: Phosphate Removal from Water

Composites_Cellulose_Cement Application: Cement Reinforcement

Silica based Nanocomposites – Application: Optical Devices

Thin Films

Self-Assembled_monolayer_Silanes_Silicon_wafer – Basic knowledge for Nanotechnology

Cholesterol Sensor Design – Application: Clinical Analysis

Coordination Compounds

Phytate_Mn_Zn_coordination_compound_biomimetic_for wheat_metal_storage _ Application: Food Technology

Density Functional Theory Applied to Understand Backdonation in Iron Macrocycles– Basic understanding of chemical bonding in bioinorganic biomimetic compounds

Surface Modification

Silca_gel_modificed_Nitric_Oxide_Donnor – Application: Biomedical Devices

CO2 Chemistry

CO2_chemistry – Basic knowledge on CO2 activation for the syntheis of organic chemicals.


Patent on photochromic formulations for UV personal dosimetry, see examples below. Patent

Photochromic Coatings on Glass with different UV sensitivity

Photochromic PLate After Sun Irradiation

Photochromic Monoliths – Lens shape